Wouldn’t it be great if you could know right away if a man is boyfriend material within the first few conversations with him? Can you imagine knowing exactly where the “good” men can be found and having the charm to make them say to you, “Wow, you are so different than all the others.” Not many women have this ability. You know these women. I’m sure you have a friend that seems to have men falling in love with them all the time, and she does it effortlessly. You may have even asked her, “How do you do it?” and she has said, “I don’t know.” “Be yourself.” Or “I just do!” or something equally as unhelpful. 

You can ask her all you want, but not even she could tell you how she does it, because so much of it is much more about mindset and beliefs about yourself and men, than it is about technique or game playing. I can show you how to become that woman great guys seems to fall for on a constant basis.

Dan Silverman

the miami matchmaker and dating coach



You need a dating coach to help you get out of your funk! I will be brutally honest with you and won’t sugarcoat things just to make you feel better. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make you successful with men. I only work with female clients who feel the same way. If you’re serious about putting a stop to the same problems with men that you have been dealing with for so long, let’s begin dating coaching as soon as possible!


So Why Should You Listen To Me?

Let me tell you a story about how I became an expert at attraction, dating, and relationships. If you haven't already read my story in the Men’s Dating Coaching section, I won’t be repeating that story here, though it does have so much to do with the person that I am and I suggest you read it. My real story actually starts before I was interested in girls.

I love my big sister with all my heart, but her love life was quite a volatile one. I watched her make mistake after mistake with men. Some were decent men who treated her well, others were very destructive and toxic, but as a child watching my sister set an example for me, I learned what works and what doesn’t. I watched how my sister would treat the men she dated and all the different kinds of reactions they would have. I’d also watch how she would respond to them, the things they did to make her happy even if they lied to her. I saw how her beliefs, attitudes, and self-confidence at the time determined the kind of men she attracted into her life. I got a glimpse into all the game playing that goes on between men and women in order to assert power over each other. I learned so much, that I was able to predict what was going to happen, the eventual downfall of her relationship, and why it would happen!

When I started dating in high school, I noticed some of the same patterns with the women I dated. I noticed that when I was depressed and lonely, I would attract women who were cold and distant towards me. I even went through a “jerk” period of my life, and the women whom I attracted were all vulnerable and easy to manipulate.
After a series of heartbreaks, I became fascinated and obsessed with learning how attraction and relationships work. I read every book I could find, watched many seminars, interviewed all kinds of women and figured out so much inside information from both men and women on a very deep level. I became a professional dating coach for men.
My unique skills have developed since I was a child. Now, as an adult, I’m an authority in the profession, and THE go-to dating coach in Miami. And let me tell you, Miami may be full of beautiful people, but it is the most difficult city to find love.

I understand how men think and feel. I’ve worked with a wide variety of men. I also have worked with women and have many female friends who I can clearly see what their problems were. Throughout working with women, I have helped them screen guys who appear nice on the outside, but show their true colors in the subtlest of actions. I’ve even helped facilitate the courtship of many couples including my cousin and his partner who are now currently happily married as well as many other dating coaching and matchmaking clients.

Everything You Have Learned From "Dating Experts" Is DEAD WRONG!


Constantly letting your insecurities sabotage a perfectly good relationship


Feeling completely clueless as to why a man seems so into you and then withdrawals out of nowhere
Having men leave you completely confused as to why he said this or did that


Being led on only to be disappointed in the end, and sometimes being led on for several years


You attract men who are dull, boring, immature, or are not ready to commit.


Feeling demoralized because you feel like the right guy doesn’t exist


Feeling like you have to lower your standards because you feel you are being too picky


  • So What Does a Dating Coach Do?

    A dating coach helps you overcome your greatest obstacles, frustrations, and fears with men. A dating coach teaches you how to come across as confident and attractive to men. He can even go out with you to social venues to watch and help you interact with men. He also helps you overcome your insecurities and negative attitudes about men that cause them to be repelled by you. A good dating coach will completely make you over so that you will naturally attract men. A great dating coach will allow you to keep your true personality and not sacrifice authenticity to get the results you want.

    What’s the difference between a dating coach and a matchmaker?

    A matchmaker sets you up on dates with men that they find you compatible with. However, it may or may not work out and self-improvement is not a focus. It is also best for women who are already good with men, but are simply too busy to meet and date many men. A dating coach helps improve your attractiveness by giving you the power to attract an abundance of good men you like and be able to choose correctly who you would like to date.
  • What Woman want in a man

    Are You Single?

    I recently left a 4 year relationship with a wonderful woman I met at JC Penney. I even have a video of our first meeting! We lived with each other in my apartment for a period of time. Though we are no longer together, we had an amicable breakup and still keep in touch. I have been in long term relationships through most of my adult life. I am an expert at maintaining a happy relationship. My last relationship was almost 3 years. We moved in together. Though I broke it off with her, I came out of the relationship with a much better understanding of what I look for in a long-term partner. I also understand deeply the red flags that most people don’t notice in the beginning of their courtship with their potential partner, that are often overlooked because they are in love. I may be single currently, but it is a choice, and neither you or I should settle for less than what we deserve. Eventually, when the time comes and I meet a woman who I’m crazy about, I won’t be a bachelor anymore.
  • What Can The Miami Matchmaker Do For You?

    -Discover how to meet, attract, and keep an amazing, intelligent, and loyal man.
    -Develop more lasting and fulfilling friendships with both men and women.
    -Become fearless around attractive men and get them to notice you.
    -Develop alluring confidence that attracts men naturally without relying on B.S. game playing or coercive tactics
    -Discover the ability to start an engaging conversation with a complete stranger.
    -Cultivate the power to influence others.
    -Limit the influence of drama and negativity.
    -Start a brand new life from scratch, abundant with positive people, even if you just moved here, have no men in your life or no friends.
    -Finally get over your ex and move on.
    -Overcome issues with men and finally have fun meeting potential bachelors.
    -Learn how to maintain a long-term fulfilling relationship.
    -Learn how to qualify a potential boyfriend.
    -Understand why men do crazy or stupid things that make no sense to you.
    -Learn how to keep a conversation going for as long as you want and how to handle awkward pauses.



Men want a woman who is happy being herself and happy being single. She doesn’t feel a void in her life and doesn’t need a man to make her happy. She loves herself and believes she deserves a great guy. A woman who loves herself is capable of true love. A woman who does not love herself is like a bottomless pit of emotional need to a man. Men don’t want a needy, insecure woman. These kind of women attract men that have less than good intentions because insecure women are easily manipulated. Learning how to love yourself and getting rid of your neediness takes work, but if you truly want to be happy, a man is not where you should be looking, but inside yourself. With women’s dating coaching, a man will come to you. See how to avoid common mistakes that cause Successful Women to fail at dating


Many women say they have standards, but they go right out the window when they feel attraction for a man. Some women don’t even know what they are looking for, and some women have completely unreasonable standards. Dating does not have to be black and white. I will help you discover what it is you are truly looking for in a man and what would be most compatible with you. Look back in your previous relationships and dates, what qualities about those men made you happiest? That’s a good start. You will need a dating coach to help you solve these problems and that’s what I’m here to do. Read How To Screen Men


Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you have to take the passive seat in your love life. It’s the 21st century! It is now socially acceptable for a woman to be proactive, self-sufficient, and go for what she wants! Beggars can not be choosers. If you are following secret 2, it will do you no good if you don’t make yourself available to men and go to where you will find them. You should also work on making yourself more attractive to these particular men using my LIPS model. Becoming more attractive not just physically but your personality, conversation skills, communication, body language, and self-esteem all improve your attractiveness. As your dating coach, we will work on all of these key areas. Read my advice on how to get a guy to notice you

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