Dan Silverman

Founder and CEO
Hi, I'm Dan Silverman. I have been a dating coach and matchmaker for almost 20 years. My life's work is helping people navigate the modern dating world, which is to say, a minefield, a jungle, a warzone full of trauma, dysfunction, and heartbreak. In the dating landscape of the 2020s, we have swipe culture, superficiality, and gender roles in complete chaos.

My speciality is coaching the invisible nice guy to get him an abundance of options, protect himself from being taken advantage of, and to finally find an amazing partner that loves him for who he is. I also work with women too! Most people no longer get taught how to date properly and how attraction works. That's where I come in. I will shine light on everything you need to know about dating. I will also help set you up on dates with qualified singles that want to meet you. If I can't do it, I have a large network of matchmaker friends I am happy to refer you to.

I've lived in Miami almost my entire life. Miami is the olympics of dating. It's notoriously difficult here. If you can date in Miami, you can date anywhere. I finally moved to Austin, Texas in 2022, but I regularly travel back and forth from Austin to Miami year round as my business, friends, and family are all located here. I am usually on the go, traveling around the world coaching singles and working with matchmakers. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions for me.

MatchMaking Miami Interview

DatingAdvice.com's contributing editor, Amber Brooks, interviewed Dan Silverman about the Miami Matchmaker's high-quality services and the art of running a successful matchmaking service in South Florida
For the past few years, Dan Silverman, aka the Miami Matchmaker, has worked closely with single men and women who want to make the most of their dating experiences. He seeks compatible dates and provides helpful feedback for clients of all ages...

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Client Reviews

  • how to approach dating
    Dan, you gave me the ability that I always had in me. The power to talk to women and make them feel my presence. The ability to make them feel and realize that I am something. More than any man they've ever met.
    Steve from Miami
  • matchmacker miami reviews
    Before I worked with Dan, I didn't have the confidence to get out of my comfort zone as far as dating was concerned. Dan helped me to dramatically improve the way I project who I really am. If you're tired of being shy and held back, this is a great way of getting comfortable with who you want to be. Thanks
    Robert from Germany
  • jay
    Dan knows what he's doing. I used to be clueless around women “ but Dan taught me everything I needed to know, not just about approaching and talking to women, but developing an inner self-confidence that has improved my life all-around (not just in dating). In fact, thanks to Dan, when I finally met the woman who'd become my wife, I was ready and able to receive her into my life. We're now happily married and expecting our first child. Thanks, Dan, for your mentorship and friendship.
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