What to Do on Valentine's Day

February 10, 2014
Dan Silverman

Were you wondering what to do for Valentine's Day this year? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend you want to do something for or are you single wondering how to celebrate? In this article, I'm going to give you some Valentine's Day tips so you can make the best of this special holiday.

Firstly, we must recognize that Valentine's Day has transformed into a holiday where we celebrate our love for those special to us, not just our love to our significant other. Make sure you call people that could use some attention on Valentine's Day. Call your mother, your dad, your grandma, your best single friend, a friend who just broke up with someone, or anybody you want to make happy that day. It's especially nice because they probably aren't expecting it and it feels good to know someone is thinking about you.

Now onto some practical advice on what to do for Valentine's Day...

If you have a boyfriend: Ladies, this Holiday ain't all about you. You gotta show some love to your man. The job to make a man happy on Valentine's Day is really easy. Men are simple. Heck, most men don't even really care about Valentine's Day. They celebrate it to make you happy. You can do something as simple as putting on his favorite dress, high heels, and wearing it all day. Make him some breakfast like steak and eggs. Give him something in bed later in the evening that he loves. Make him home made fried chicken. If you can't cook, then by all means try. It will mean so much more if you can (successfully) cook him food especially when you never do it. It really shows him how much you love him. Food and sex are really the ways to go. Guys don't care about flowers, cards, ice cream, chocolate (unless it's cake), romantic movies, and romantic dinners. That's all for you for the most part. Yes, some guys do like these things, but even the most sensitive men love a woman who can cook and rock his world in the bedroom. Hopefully you know him well enough to know what he likes. You can get him a gift, but it's not necessary. Gifts are like the cherry on top of the pie. Most guys appreciate practical gifts that they can use like a tool, an electronic gadget, a new TV, a pen, etc. So if you're going to get him a gift, get him something you know he would use.

If you have a girlfriend: Surprisingly, women are actually pretty easy to please on Valentine's Day as well. With the exception of high maintenance women. They are impossible to please no matter what you do. The only goal you have to achieve with her is to make her feel loved. That's it. If you buy her expensive jewelry and that's all you do, it wouldn't be as powerful as writing her a love letter (very few men do this anymore in today's world), giving her a really long back rub in the tub, or taking her to her favorite restaurant and hand-feeding her. All these things can be very low cost, but still have a much stronger effect. Valentine's Day is also a holiday where classics never fail. As I mentioned before, a love letter is a great idea. In fact, the Valentine's Day tradition started with love letter writing and it's still a very powerful expression of love to this day. Even if you suck at writing love letters, it still means a heck of a lot to a woman because of the amount of effort she knows you tried at attempting to be romantic. Its all about the thought that counts.

Watch this video to see the History of Valentine's Day!


If you are single: Don't feel bad. Millions of people are in the same situation as you. This is definitely not a day you want to celebrate with any guy or girl you may be seeing casually. This is a day you want to party with other singles. It's the very best day for men to pick up women because it's the day where single women feel the most lonely and vulnerable right behind weddings. Women are far more receptive to male attention and you might just get a chance with women who would normally be closed off to meeting new men. As a lady, you should go out and have a great time meeting men. Enjoy being a single woman as there are a lot of "married" women out there who are miserable. You chose to not be with someone less than what you want and that's a good thing. It's better to be single and lonely than married to a dumbass. As a single woman, you have the freedom to do whatever you want without the fear of a man judging you or expecting things of you. Go out with other single girlfriends and flirt your butt off. It should be a celebratory day, not a day where you feel depressed.


Dan Silverman

Miami Matchmaker

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