Stop Negative Thinking

October 13, 2017
Dan Silverman

Oftentimes, the only one getting in the way of successful relationships is ourselves. Negative thinking affects us all. For example, you may believe some of the following: " I'm not attractive enough to get that person." "You're an idiot. You're going to fail." "You remember what happened last time you tried? You're going to fail." Negative thinking like this can flood your mind while you are out and totally ruin your game. Here are a few ways to stop negative thinking. Don't give yourself time to think - To stop negative thinking, we can act before we allow our mind to talk us out of approaching someone we like. Upon seeing a person that you want to approach, you should approach with little to no hesitation. Stop negative thinking by not allowing yourself a moment to think at all. One of the reasons this will stop negative thinking is that you have no time to react. It's a way of conditioning yourself to stop negative thinking, approach, and be in the moment. It's hard to do at first, but it's a must if you ever want to have success in your dating life. You can approach with any opener. Ask the person what's good about the particular place you are in. It doesn't matter. Get yourself engaged in conversation so that you stop negative thinking and so that negativity doesn't take over your night. Approaching with lame openers is better than not approaching at all. Self-hypnosis - Sometimes you may be on a date, but you hear in your thoughts of how much of a loser you are, and you are constantly thinking about what you should do to impress this person. The more you think, the worse you feel. Not giving yourself time to think doesn't apply in these situations. To stop negative thinking in situations like this, excuse yourself from whatever situation you are in. Go to the bathroom or wherever you can be alone. Find a place where you can focus and concentrate. Close your eyes, stop negative thinking and imagine a time in your life when you were at your best and feeling ultra-confident. If you can't think of a time, then just imagine what it would feel like if you had all the confidence in the world. Immerse yourself in this imagination to stop negative thinking. If you are on a date, imagine yourself doing things to this person that will make them addicted to you, smiling widely, and begging for more of you. Use all five senses as you imagine. Once you feel this way, go back into reality as the same person you imagined yourself to be. This technique can work in the moment and it's powerful. Spend as much time as you need to recover to stop negative thinking. Speak positively to yourself - Let's say you hear or feel in your mind, "You suck. Why are you doing this?" Tell yourself in your head or even out loud if you want to, I'm going to be great and this is good practice. I could care less about what happens tonight. I'm going to have fun doing this. I deserve this because I'm good enough. I may not be where I want yet, but I am working hard to achieve my goals. Talk over your negative thoughts. If you speak positively to yourself, you'll notice you'll feel better. I have personally developed techniques to stop negative thinking for almost seven years now. In my dating services, I will teach you everything I know on how to stop negative thinking permanently. Do me a favor by liking and sharing this article on your social media pages!

Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach, Dan Silverman

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