Steve's Transformation

October 10, 2017
Dan Silverman
The following is a case study of a former student of mine who did dating coaching with me in 2009. This is Steve's story: Steve's Transformation: It all started when I saw Dan Silverman on MTV's MADE in the Ladies' Man episode with Richard. I saw him change that poor kid from an introverted Eagle Scout to a suave, confident ladies man. It made me say, I've got to find the Miami Dating Coach. Something in me was saying this is what I've been looking for. After debating with myself for over a month, I decided to do it. But, I was scared to death. I didn't know these guys, and I was at a point where my trust in others was at an all-time low. Looking back, I realized that I was really at war with myself. I wrote Dan an email. I literally poured my heart out to him. I was almost to the point of tears of simply expressing my issues and how tired I was of dealing with the bullshit. I felt like the conclusion was: I either learn about this now and start getting it right or just take all the crap and eventually get it right. Eventually, to me meant several years into the future; several years in which I can no longer wait for. He responded to my email and for the 1st time in my life, I was understood. I was scared and calm at the same time. He gave me his number and I gave him a call. We met and when I first saw him, I just felt this aura. He just had this presence. I told him my story and shared some of the experiences that I've had with women. He looked at me and said, You're a closet natural. I was like, What?! He meant that I'm sociable, I knew what I was doing, I just needed to let go of my insecurities. At that very moment, I realized that maybe I could trust him. He could be the one who could fix me. We ended our meeting with Dan stating, After this, you're never going to be the same.' Who knew he would be right or better yet who knew the extent of the changes would be? The 1st night of coaching arrived and I met Albert, a former assistant instructor of his. I was nervous, but I was ready. We started on inner game and I presented the limiting belief of rejection. Albert began to use the angry lawyer technique, a concept Dan created in his Seven Steps to Inner Game Power system that helps destroy negative beliefs. After asking me a series of questions, he asked, but once you're rejected, aren't you still the same person? Oh my God, I said. Tears were coming out of my eyes, and for the first time in my life, I've let go of a problem. I felt free. We hit a bar called Bougainvilleas, and I opened left and right. We went to another place and I just kept going. It was a successful night as I opened 12 women. I was looking forward to the 2nd night. It came and I tanked. For some reason, I sabotaged myself and couldn't shake the feeling that it was going to be a bad night. But Dan gave me a 2nd chance to repeat the night again and offered to do an inner game session with him personally. The following day, I just felt like crap, but something in me said that I can't stop. There was no going back. There was no direction than forward. Basically, I kept going steadily and started to practice with others. During that time, I hadn't noticed that I was getting better at this. I kept listening to the affirmations Dan taught me and my mind was shaping up to follow. I did day game with Dan and he was like, Look at you. I see a smile and you're not hunched. After that day, I did come to the realization that women were smiling at me. They seemed to be looking forward to a guy like me. They gave off this feeling that I was someone new and totally different. After a couple of months, I decided that it was time. I wanted to do the final night of coaching. I wanted to make sure I was ready. I met with my 2 wings and told them about my situation. We were opening sets left and right all so I can be ready. After a couple of hours, I stopped and got ready. Dan and I had our session and I just wanted to head out. I surprised him from the start. I swooped into sets and took control. I ended the night with a sense of accomplishment. I conquered the most important thing that kept me limited: myself. It's been a year since then. I've dated women that I never thought I would have. I've kissed women and women have kissed me. Everyone has a great time with me and I've become that guy. When women are with me, I can guarantee that they're having fun with me. Thank you Dan! Thank you for bringing out the man I knew I could be!
You too can experience the dramatic changes that Steve went through. From my perspective, he is not the same guy anymore. He's kept his quirky character and personality, but he stands tall with confidence and has had several dates since I met him. Keep up the good work, Steve! If you feel that it's finally time to do something about the dating hole you're in, then maybe it's time for you to finally take dating coaching for men.
Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach,
Dan Silverman
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