Speed Dating Tips for Women

October 9, 2017
Dan Silverman

If you've ever thought about attending a speed dating event, let me give you some great speed dating tips for women before you decide to sign up for one. I wrote a speed dating tips for women list for anyone interested in attending a speed dating event. Enjoy!

Speed Dating Tip 1: Don't Dump Your Emotional Baggage - Don't talk about your ex boyfriend. Don't talk about how you don't trust men. Don't talk about why you can't meet men. Don't bitch about your job, friends, school, etc. There are other men out there for that and they are called therapists.

Speed Dating Tip 2: Reward Good Behavior - The way you game men is through their ego. If a man thinks there is a good chance you might reject him, he may not try to pursue you. If you want to make a guy chase you, reward anything you would consider good behavior by indicating your interest or complimenting him. For example, if he shows genuine chivalry towards you, compliment him on it.

Speed Dating Tip 3: Smile - Dating is not supposed to be serious. A smile is sometimes all that is needed to make a guy want to see you again. It shows friendliness and comfort.

Speed Dating Tip 4: Don't Interview Him - He is not applying for a job and neither are you. Instead of qualifying each other, try to find similarities and common interests which could lead to a second date.

Speed Dating Tip 5: Don't Make Him Do All the Work - Playing hard to get too hard can sometimes backfire and only make a guy think you're insecure or prude. Try to have about equal talking time, but definitely allow the guy to lead the conversation. You want him to work for you.

Speed Dating Tip 6: If You're Not Attracted, Be Pleasant - If you're with a man you'd rather not be sitting with, the least you could do is be pleasant about it. Most people come with friends, and if the guy you happen to like is friends with a guy you were rude to, he'll let him know.

Speed Dating Tip 7: Don't Be Negative - There is nothing that could kill a date worse than negativity. Don't complain, don't talk down about yourself, and don't talk trash about the other speed daters. Keep the conversation positive and fun.

Speed Dating Tip 8: Keep Eye Contact - Eye contact is a powerful way to build a sexual connection. Don't look around the room while you are talking. Keep eye contact while talking to your date, but don't stare. Staring can be really creepy.

Speed Dating Tip 9: Sample Questions for Women to Break the Ice - What's the wildest thing you've done? What are you most proud of about yourself? What's your favorite part of a woman's looks? (I recommend asking different forms of these types of questions. The point is to get guy's ego engaged.)

If you're planning on attending a speed dating event and want professional help prepping for it, consider getting dating coaching from me. Hope these nuggets of advice snag you a date or two at your speed dating event. Good luck!

Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach,
Dan Silverman

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