Self Esteem with Women and Reframing Limiting Beliefs

October 10, 2017
Dan Silverman

This article was written by my former client, Tony V. Enjoy.

I've decided to talk about a topic that completely changed my self esteem with women when I first started getting into this game. I think that when you break it down, our entire society, self esteem with women, and even our reality as a species in this day and age, is built upon negative limiting beliefs. When you understand what a negative limiting belief is, you begin to realize that every single person on the planet has dozens or even hundreds of them, including yourself. So what is a negative limiting belief? A negative limiting belief is a point of view or reason you have that you believe limits your success in life, is the source of your failures and self esteem with women, or makes you perceive others in a negative light. Some common examples of negative limiting beliefs as they apply to our art form are: • Women don't like me because I'm too¦ fat/short/bald/ugly/shy. • Women would rather not deal with me, and don't want me to talk to them. • All women are¦ cruel/bitches/uncaring/demanding/spoiled. The problem with negative limiting beliefs is that we give ourselves so many examples and reasons of why they're true, that after a while they become ingrained in our unconscious minds and begin to become our reality affecting our self esteem with women. This makes them difficult to identify because you don't even think them anymore. Your thought processes just starts to assume them as a default, just like your thought processes would see a glass fall off of a table and assume gravity would kick in. In fact, you might even be reading this and thinking to yourself But I am too short to get girls. Just thinking these things further negatively effects your self esteem with women. Unfortunately I am neither there to help you identify and reframe these negative limiting beliefs, work on your self esteem with women, nor do I have the time to spend with each and every one of you. However, I do feel I can present you with an argument that might give you a little food for thought on the way you perceive yourself, the world, and self esteem with women. I'm going to pretend for one second that your argument is actual fact. You are too short/bald/fat/whatever, which you're not, but we are going to pretend. Let me ask you one question. How does this belief serve your self esteem with women? Even if it were actually true, wouldn't your life be better off believing a lie? Wouldn't you be better off believing that your limitations have no effect on your ability to attract women? Wouldn't you, at the very least, be a happier person for it? Part of the problem is that we tend to believe that facts will always serve us better than delusion. However, you must understand that we often fail to take into account the relativity of those facts, and assume many things (that aren't) to be absolute. Just because one or two ladies have told you that they don't date bald men, and you haven't had a lot of success in your love life, doesn't mean that women as a whole, or even a significant number, exclude bald men. Even if it were true, for one second, why in God's green Earth would you want to believe something that can only hold you back and ruin your self esteem with women? If you really want to begin to tackle your self esteem with women, I highly recommend you check out Dan Silverman's dating coaching packages.

Yours in Revolution,
Tony V. (Former Client of Dan Silverman)

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