How to Reframe a Limiting Belief

October 12, 2017
Dan Silverman
During your path to success at dating, you will endure a serious growing pain called a limiting belief. It is unavoidable, but as long as you don't let a limiting belief hold you back, you will eventually excel. It helps considerably to learn to reframe a limiting belief, especially when you are feeling low.
First, listen to the way you talk to yourself. Are you speaking negatively? Is your head filled with limiting belief after limiting belief? Are you asking yourself questions such as: Why am I not getting good at this? Why does this have to be so hard? How can I stop feeling so crappy when I go out? These thought patterns contribute to a lot of suffering. Here is how you deal with it: 1. Notice that you are speaking in a negative association. 2. Change the verb from avoidance to guidance. 3. Make your new goal attainable. 4. Let your mind come up with the answers. Don't use your powerful mind as an obstacle to your success. Asking yourself questions like the ones above will set your mind to finding answers that don't help you. However, when you reframe your questions to: How can I get better and develop my skills?How can I make this more fun for me? How do I get myself pumped before I go out? Your mind will begin giving you answers that will help you find your goals, not hinder you. Finally, you may have some limiting belief that really slows down your process of improvement. This is where the hardest work in your inner game will be. You may have limiting beliefs like: "I'm not good looking enough to have an attractive woman. Gorgeous women have the choice of any guy they want, so they won't pick me over some rich or handsome guy." "She's not returning my phone calls, I must be a loser." Even if these limiting beliefs are true, do they help you achieve your goals or hinder you? You must reframe each limiting belief, no matter how long it takes. Here are some examples of positive non-limiting beliefs: I can have any attractive woman because I know exactly how to make them happy. Gorgeous women have the choice of any guy they want, so if they pick me over some rich or handsome guy, it shows they have great taste. She's not returning my phone calls so she must be playing hard to get, or just doesn't know any better. I am an expert at reframing a limiting belief. I have worked with over one hundred people personally reframing their negative beliefs. If you want to have a private session reframing each limiting belief, request a dating consultation from me.
Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach,
Dan Silverman
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