How to Plan a First Date

January 22, 2014
Dan Silverman

So you met a girl you really like, you asked her out on a date, and surprisingly, she said "yes"! Now what are you going to do? How will you plan a first date? Well, have no fear, the Miami Matchmaker and dating coach is here to help teach you how to plan a first date.

Usually a first date idea can be created the moment you meet the girl to ask her out. It's important than in your first conversation with her, you have gotten to know her well enough to find some similar interests. This can be used as the basis for your first date plan. A lot of matchmakers might give the advice to simply do the old fashioned thing and take her to a nice restaurant or a movie. A lot of others will tell you to go to an activity. I think both answers can be correct depending on the kind of person you are and the kind of person she is. If you both really enjoy nice restaurants and talked about it a lot, then you should most definitely go. Some people are real movie buffs and it would be cool to go see a movie, however, I would advise doing something else afterwards to talk about the movie because you can't really talk to each other during the movie.

Another option for a date that not many consider is inviting her to hang out in a group of friends. You tell her she can invite her friends as well. This is very effective in getting a date with a woman who may be uncomfortable to go out alone with you, like someone you met for only ten minutes, or a person in your social circle who is nervous about the idea of dating someone within her own group. The point is that it makes the date seem much less date-like and casual rather than the typical face to face interview style date that she probably thinks it would be if you went out alone.

In my personal experience when I would ask girls out and plan a first date, I would take them salsa dancing. It was a passion of mine, I had a lot of friends that would go and because it was a social event, it's less threatening. Salsa dancing would give me the opportunity to lead her and close personal space between us. Also, most women like dancing so it's not hard to convince a woman to go salsa dancing with you even if she doesn't know how to dance salsa. The point is to have an exciting lifestyle that you can bring her into. If you don't have an exciting lifestyle, then that is a problem and I suggest you watch my video on how to build an exciting lifestyle.

Some great recommendations of date spots are anywhere where it's easy to have a conversation and build a connection like downtown bar hopping, the beach, bowling, billiards. I'll share with you some of my own first date idea secrets since I'm no longer single so feel free to steal them from me: Bar hopping to several bars during happy hour is a real cool thing to do since you can go to several places in one date, making it seem like the date was longer than it actually was. Going to microbreweries or local wineries is also right up there. Other first date places are arts and crafts places like pottery, painting, water coloring, and sand jar making classes. Go to a park and have a picnic or go to a live show, theater, concert, and art festivals. Just make sure it's something you both like to do. Remember, when you're thinking about how to plan a first date, don't ask her what she wants to do. It's a total turnoff when a man can make the plans and take charge, particularly the first date. GLHF!

Miami Matchmaker,

Dan Silverman

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